HISTORY OF THE CHOIR Primavera Choir was founded in 1972 by Ottilia Horányi, first being a junior choir, then becoming an  adult mixed choir. Initially, the choir was maintained by the County Cultural Centre and it was also  supported by the local department of “KISZÖV” industrial organisation. Since 1994, the choir has been  maintained by the Foundation for Primavera Choir Székesfehérvár and supported by the local  government of Székesfehérvár, while Primavera Mixed Choir Association was founded as well in 2012.  They perform at town and state events on a regular basis. Within the program series “Magyar Rádió  Kóruspódium” (Hungarian Radio Chorus-stage), outstanding sound recordings were made; they received  a plaque honouring their achievements and they participated in the live closing concert on three  occasions. They were awarded the “Excellent Ensemble” title twice.  Moreover, the choir’s work was  acknowledged with the Community Culture Award of Fejér County, and in 1992 with the “For  Székesfehérvár” award of the city. So far, five own CD’s have been prepared: “Könyörgés és hála” (1992), “Vagyunk és leszünk” (2002),  “Fehérvári Trilógia” (2003), “Áldott éj” (2007), and “Magasztaló ének” (2010).  They have participated in numerous international festivals: 1986 Barcelona, 1989 Varna, 1991 Budapest  International Competition (gold qualification in category “B”), 1997 I. International Choir Festival  Slovakia (silver degree), 2004 Venice, 2005 Rimini, 2013 Budapest (The Brifge of Music International  Festival - Gold Award). Through twin towns and other acquaintances of the choir, they visited multiple countries and delivered  successful concerts. They performed in Freyung, Germany (Autumn 1997), Slovenia (1998), Croatia  (1999), Upper Hungary (2007), Transylvania (2009 and 2013).  Besides their solo concerts, they often collaborate with Alba Regia Symphonic Orchestra in oratorical  pieces, some of which have been recorded for CDs. They are returning performers at the local concerts  of the National Philarmonia, the Harmonia Albensis summer concert series and the Coronation Ceremony  Performances in the Székesfehérvár National Memorial Place.  In 2008, Adrienn Szabó took over leadership of the choir for a few years. Since October 2012, the founder conductor Ottilia Horányi has continued her activites as the leader of  the choir.
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